Midwifery at Home

Woman-centered homebirth and midwifery care
in the Wood River Valley!

Prenatal Care

Being “woman-centered” means honoring that that each woman has her own unique experience of pregnancy and birth; Each woman has an extraordinary and distinct relationship with each individual baby she carries; There is no one-sized-fits-all pregnancy.  Growing a baby is an intimate and instinctive process.

I support each woman’s authoritative knowledge of her body and her experience.

I believe that women are their own best care providers.  Most of a woman’s prenatal care occurs in her everyday life, as she moves her body and nourishes herself.  Mother and baby are an energetically entwined twosome. What makes mother feel good makes baby feel good too.

As a licensed provider I do all the standard clinical checks on mom and baby, along with discussion of the most relevant scientific information and evidence based protocols to assist decisions about testing and interventions.  Prenatal visits also cover nutrition, herbal medicine and nourishing lifestyle choices.  The heart of my prenatal care however, and what I enjoy most in this work, is getting to know what my clients need and want in order to feel safe, informed, and honored in this journey. I cherish my role as a gentle guide through what I believe is the most profound physical and emotional rite of passage a human being can experience – birth and motherhood.

Midwives help keep birth normal


“A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth.”

Anna Verwaal

One of the best parts of birthing at home is that when labor starts women can stay safely nestled in their own familiar environment.  There is nowhere to go and there are no shift changes.  Woman are free to turn inward and ease into the rhythm of their labor in privacy, on their own terms.  The absence of unnecessary mental stimulation, unfamiliar faces, sounds and smells keeps labor hormones flowing in step.  These are key ingredients for a normal, physiological birth process. 

My role at births is to honor and affirm the mother’s work and process of labor, and to maintain a safe and nurturing environment that facilitates a normal, physiological birth experience.

Once active labor has begun I provide continuous physical assessment and care of mother and baby including ongoing fetal heart rate assessment, newborn exam and any other standard newborn procedures elected by the parents.  When not medically interfered with, most healthy women’s labors proceed normally and safely in their own time.  Occasionally assistance or intervention truly can be helpful for mothers and babies.  Skilled midwifery care involves discerning consideration for when such assistance will be helpful rather than a hindrance.

Midwifery is the US is practiced along a spectrum.  I strive to be the midwife I would want for myself.  I support the normalcy and sacredness of birth.  Women’s life experiences and beliefs shape their context and are honored at every step. My honest opinion will always be shared, when asked.  I help safeguard the birth space from from unnecessary disruptions so that women can safely turn off their active minds and let their bodies take over.  Women are fully supported in finding their own way through labor.

In order to provide the safest care for mothers and babies I attend births with a skilled assistant or second midwife. After the birth I continue to facilitate a safe, loving space for mother and baby to fall in love. Unnecessary interventions are minimized. Breastfeeding help is offered as needed. I remain at the home until mother and baby are ready for their first long sleep together — typically around 3 to 4 hours after the birth.

Midwives hold the space for a woman’s body to take over and do what it needs to do, and knows how to do

Postpartum Care

“Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman

The first few weeks after birth can be a time of overwhelming joy, exhaustion, and uncertainty.  I am always available by phone and provide frequent home visits in the first ten days.  Home visiting is a vital part of my midwifery practice. Staying cozy at home keeps women and babies grounded in the optimal hormonal rhythm , benefiting the mother and baby in profound physiologic and psychic ways. Their physical needs should be anticipated and met so that mother may do the deeper work of integrating the birth experience and the presence of the new baby.

The enormous hormonal shifts on top of the demands of a new baby often make for an intense emotional ride the first couple of weeks postpartum. I support women with every tool I have to help to help them feel safe, calm, and cared for. Ongoing physical assessment of mother and baby includes newborn weight checks and metabolic screening, care for any perineal tearing, and basic breastfeeding help for six weeks after birth.  Healthy, happy babies who are nursing well can stay exclusively in midwifery care the first six weeks.  Occasionally babies need medical care and in those cases I am happy assist the parents in obtaining the most appropriate for their baby.