Fertility Care

A woman’s body prepares her eggs for conception about four months before they are released from the ovary on their journey to the uterus.  During these months, women planning to conceive can attend to themselves with love.  Grounding food and herbs will directly nourish egg cells, ovaries, the uterus, yoni and pelvic floor. Ideally, women during this time are blissfully relaxed, joyfully eating wholesome foods and sleeping soundly with their circadian rhythms.

For most of us, however, daily life contains many often profound obstacles to living in a perpetually blissed out state!  We are already stretched way too thin by the time we become mothers.  Many women have physical and/or energetic trauma patterns in the pelvis that can impact labor, birth, and the postpartum years. Many women aren’t aware of patterns in their pelvis that may make birth longer and more difficult. That’s where I can help.

Pelvic bodywork can restore optimal function and movement in the pelvic tissues, organs and bones. This work also restores women’s connection to their own healing wisdom.

Pre-conception pelvic work:

  • Releases old trauma and tension patterns in the pelvic bowl
  • Prevents birth trauma, injury and tears
  • Helps the pelvis work optimally in labor
  • Brings healing to scar tissue and tears from previous births
  • Brings blood, nutrients and oxygen to the ovaries, uterus and vagina
  • Facilitates optimal hormonal feedback loops for ovulation and conception
  • Bathes the woman in oxytocin, providing nurturing stress-relief
  • Supports optimal, full orgasmic capacity

You can learn to consciously cultivate the energy of your root to guide you through pregnancy, birth and mothering.

I love working with women during this process! Together, we come up with a care plan that suits your needs and preferences.  This typically includes pelvic bodywork, lab work, nutritional counseling, and plant medicine to support abundant fertility and balance in the pelvic bowl.